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Ports choose drier spots

6-10-2013, 16:07
Aqua-Resources Group of Companies intends to construct a transportation and logistic center that operates as “Overland Port”. Cost of the project is estimated at approximately 18 million dollars. A similar center for cargo handling will be established by the Russian Railways at the approach to ports of Primorsky region.

As experts note establishment of “Overland Ports” in Primorsky region meets the overall trend in Russia, however in the Far East carrying capacity of the railroad might pose a challenge.

A collaborating agreement on implementation of “Overland Port” project in Artem city was signed by the governor of Primorsky region Vladimir Miklushevsky and president of Aqua-Resources Group of Companies Ruslan Kondratov. According to the plan its implementation will commence next year; Aqua-Resources intends to invest 18 million dollars in it. “The place that we chose is located between Vladivostok city, Nakhodka city and another prospective destination – Khabarovsk city. By connecting these flows we will, in fact, alleviate the traffic load on the city (Vladivostok city – «Ъ»), since it will be redistributed outside the city. We make the delivery more logical and quick – this is what people try to achieve all over the world, said Mr. Kondratov. The main operational principle of a transportation and logistic center is to accumulate export shipload lots; this enables to use rail car – vessel operations without discharge to the berth. “Overland Port” will as well be used to organize exit routes for imported and transit cargo.

Several large fish harvesting and processing enterprises of the Far East are members of Aqua-Resources Group of Companies. The company owns warehousing facilities 50 thousand tons in volume for storing frozen seafood. The annual turnover equals 700 – 800 thousand tons. The company’s assets include seven berthing facilities that can simultaneously handle 9 – 11 vessels.

As it was noted by administration of Primorsky region the center is established to ensure closer cooperation between the railroad and maritime transportation that in its turn will enable to make cargo traffic more efficient. Besides, this project will help load the Main Trans-Siberian Railway (“Overland Port” will be established not far from Uglovaya rail station) in the reverse direction – westwards.

We should take into account as well that the Russian Railways JSC also plans to construct a transportation and logistics center in Primorsky region. One of its possible locations is near Ussuriysk station. The amount of investment was not mentioned. Besides ports of Primorsky region the coverage area of the planned center will include land-based border terminals Grodekovo – Suifenhe (PRC), Makhalino – Hunchun (PRC), Khasan – Tumangan (DPRK).

“Overland Port” is a homefront of a regular port that is somewhat remote from it. At “Overland Port” cargo can receive any kind of handling, customs clearance and other operations that are available at a regular port. Primarily this is container cargo, however processing of other types of cargo is possible too”, explained senior expert of Finam Management managing company Dmitry Baranov. The analyst notes that Russia has experience of establishing such ports. In his opinion in Primorsky region such terminal can alleviate the load on local ports’ infrastructure and access ways, thus the ports will be able to accept and consign cargo faster. “However, it is clear, that we need to increase the carrying capacity of the Main Trans-Siberian Railway and Baikal-Amur Mainline, otherwise in a while “Overland Port” will not be able to operate smoothly either”, added Dmitry Baranov.

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6-10-2013, 16:07
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